wifi on Dell Inspiron 1318

Finally, I was able to get the wifi to work on my Inspiron 1318.  The trick was that the lspci for some reason showed me the wrong broadcom version.  It was showing 4312 while it really is bcm4310.  The difference is the fact that I need different drivers to make it work with ndiswrapper.  it works fine with b43fwcutter and bcmwl5 as the driver.  If you follow the instructions and install the driver found in Vista as in my case it won’t work.  It will try to install the bcmwl6.inf that is what is installed under vista.  I installed the bcmwl5 and it works fine.  Actually I am writing this over my wif link.. finally.

If you need help geting your wifi on the Dell Inspiron 1318 to work under Open SuSe let me know, and I will post links to the sites that I got my information from..

A link for OpenSuSe Users. More Info Thanks rbkumaran


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